APM-A Courses


It is an innovative tool that explores many issues already present in the aviation sector (CRM, Human Factor, not Technical Skills) and integrates them with elements of aeronautical psychology.

Its purpose is to accompany people not only for the achievement of psychophysical fitness but also during training for obtaining licenses, for selections in airlines and during the professional pilot activity.

One of the qualities that are required of a professional pilot is to always maintain the situational awareness, that is to try in every condition to have a perception to 360° of what is happening, properly analyze the facts, and find a safe and workable solution.

The program improves the leadership, communication, decision-making and well-being of the person. The aim is not only to maintain situational awareness, but also to ensure that operations are not detrimental to the well-being of the pilot.

In this path the person is put at the middle of the project because it is the person who creates the pilot and it is essential to create a context of well-being and knowledge on which to grow the skills necessary for the pilot’s activity.


General theoretical knowledge of aviation regulations and all elements relevant to the tasks and responsibilities required of the modern pilot will be addressed. During the course, emphasis will be placed on the importance of an effective communication technique, common language and terminology.

Concepts of Human Factors (HF) and Crew Resource Management (CRM) will be introduced.


The intermediate course includes the deepening of:
Human Factors (HF) ;
Crew Resource Management (CRM)
the introduction of non technical skills (NTS).Topics of motivational psychology and conflict management, self-esteem and assertiveness will be analyzed.


In the Advanced Course in addition to the study of Human Factors (HF), Crew Resource Management (CRM) and Non technical Skills (NTS) will be expanded the concept of Man foolness to achieve a balance between the psychic plane and the mental plane of the individual and the pilot.