Mission and Vision


Research to overcome limitations, including physical, to the activity of flight and support for work in the aeronautical sector to all crew.


Today we are able to provide support, even psychological, in an immediate and winning way to all the personal sailor.

Through research, allow the discovery of solutions to break down the barriers of disabilities related to piloting and flight, contributing to the simplification of procedures related to medical assessment by the bodies and doctors in charge.

The new European legislation on maintenance, for example, the technological development of airplanes with increasingly electronically assisted controls and less and less mechanical (e.g. electronic joysticks and pedals) together with the incredible successes achieved by mechatronic engineering in prosthetics, they allow us today not only to adapt aircraft and allow disabled people to fly an airplane, but allow us to make it less problematic to train people with physical disabilities by making it seem feasible, in selected cases, the achievement of Class 1 psychophysical fitness that would pave the way for the piloting of commercial aviation aircraft.

The support and assistance that we can give today to a person working in the aeronautical sector goes well beyond the even useful work of raising public awareness.