The XARIA team consists of experienced psychologists in aviation psychology, psychiatrists, CRM instructors, doctors and aviation training professionals.


X-ARIA SSD Srl is based at Verona-Boscomantico airport.
At the headquarters is located:

  • A coordination team to support the crew
  • A research center for the study of solutions to the problems of students, pilots and crew.
  • A venue for sports activities.


Psychology in aviation

  • Development of paths to develop cognitive and psychological skills for aspiring pilots.
  • Training and support for Peer to Peer.
  • Training to pilots and CRM instructors on cognitive and emotional skills.


  • Identification of any training path that the subject may face.
  • Training of flight instructors at centres using modified aircraft for disabled persons;
  • Training of disabled pupils in obtaining professional flight licences;
  • Provide support for DTO and ATO who want to provide courses for disabled people.